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Here are the invitation links there's also top.gg to reassure you

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Ripa Topa to basic moderation commands Moderation: It has basic command ban unban mute give role unmute There's r/password if you want to put a password and you are short of idea you made this order and in pp the bot you will send a password and its tightened completely secret There's ping r/ping to see the ping of the bot y'a also role info r/roleinfo (mention role)

99.99% availability

You don't have to worry about downtime,Ripa Topa is online!



Ticket: There's 2 ticket order first to create the lounge and category if a member needs help he makes this r/ticket order (message help) and the category and the show will come out if you haven't done it but a member needs d help you can also do r/ticket (message) like that the show and category will come out and you just have to put the names and you'll have to change the permissions like that there's that the person who would like help could see the show and staff And if you want to close the ticket you just have to do r/tc This is the abbreviation of close ticket  


Game: There are multitudes of games yen has at least twenty there's say there'a also say a little hotr that starts with porn and then there's Pierre leaf seals fight there's pictures of dog and there's pictures of cat that you can make him talk r/cat (message) and its will come out There's an octogo ship casino roulette statistic How many percent you're gay iQ stat Iq Russian roulette hack for laughs battle 8 balls And there are still multitudes of games 



Action: It's action there's say we can make talk but in pictures you can have pictures of dog and cat and you can make the picture talk or there's a cat Then there's the kiss hug cookie bang slap 


Info&stats: Info is the info of the bot r/botinfo then stats we can put a statistic r/stats setup but it should change it not automatic it should do r/stats update 



Media: There's several things there's Wikipedia if you want to search for something you type this command r/wikipedia (message) what you want to look for and the bot you will send a link and you can look what you have to search then there's Google if you want to search for something faster you type r/google (message) and then what you wanted to search will come out as Wikipedia then there's youtube the same as the others if you want to search faster you putThis r/youtube command (message) and its will release a link like any other and you could have it quickly


Roblox&fortnite: We start with roblox for someone's avatar of roblox made you r/ra (name roblox) And the avatar of the person you wrote will come out then there's the still roblox command to search for a name to ask in friends faster if you want to ask more quickly in friends on roblox you made this. Order r/rp To search you made r/rp (name roblox) and There will be a link to ask friends for the name of the person you wrote Then now for fortnite If you want to see directly the Fortnite Shop without waiting 10 years the loading you made this order r/fortniteshop and the shop will come out without you waiting 10 years the loading to see there's it skin that and arrive on fortnite then r/stats this order tightens to see your statistic fortnite the same thing instead of waiting 10 years to see your stats you made this order and it's good 



Covid&Calculator: you can find out with this command r/covid (Country)you will be able to see the cases of countries for example r/covid en and all the information will come out of the country I chose then y'a the Calculator I think you understood you can calculate there'll be the instructions you made just r/calc (Sum) The symbol with what you will calculate (Sum) And the answer will come out Like exemple r/calc 5+5 and then of course its coming out 10

Stonks,no stonks&Pokemon

Stonks,no stonks&Pokemon: stonks made ➪ Stonks: r/stonks (mention user or no) ➪ Stonks: r/notstonks (mention user or no) Is for Pokémon it's Pokémon: r/pokemon (name the Pokémon)➪ Détail image Gif pokemon: r/pokim (name pokemon)


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